About Us

What is Kingswood?

Kingswood is a non-profit coed residential group care home for children and youth between ages 5 and 18. It provides to displaced children a Christian home-like environment where every effort is made to develop in each child a personal faith in God, in himself, and in his fellowman.

Our goal is to provide, through a nurturing family setting, the opportunity for a child to return to family life and to become an asset to the community.

What takes place at Kingswood:

Kingswood is a place of healing. Needy, displaced, troubled and abandoned children come to Kingswood and find shelter. Kingswood is committed to providing for the basic needs of a child, while fostering personal and spiritual growth.

Every child needs shelter in the form of a home with security and protection. At Kingswood, children live in a family oriented and designed cottage where no more than eight (8) children live with a house parent. Each child has his or her own room together with one or two other roommates. The cottages are modern and spacious with common kitchen, dining and living room and recreation areas.

Children at Kingswood receive accredited educational instruction. The school building and classrooms accommodate over 100 students. Computer stations are designed to insure that all students have comfortable access to modern educational technology. Emphasis is placed upon progress and achievement. When appropriate, a child may receive public education in Grainger County Public School System. Many students arrive at Kingswood behind in their age-appropriate grade level. For those students the goal is to involve the child in remedial programs designed for academic progress to achieve their appropriate grade level.

Financial Information:

Kingswood is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit organization (501-c-3). The I.R.S. requires an annual filing of Form 990 reflecting all revenues and expenditures. A respected and responsible Board of Directors, serving without compensation, meet quarterly in review of all operations. In an age of suspicion and distrust of non-profit organizations overloaded with expenses associated with fund raising and even production, Kingswood spends less than 8% of the annual budget for fund raising and Administrative activities. The fact that a private charitable home for needy and displaced children has operated for over 65 years in the same location is perhaps the best evidence of the Kingswood commitment to serve the needs of the children.

Kingswood is wholly dependent upon financial support from those who may share in the community to support a Christian charity with the dedicated purpose of providing for the basic care of children and young children and young people in need.

Individuals have always been the backbone of financial support. Kingswood School is a charter agency of the Hamblen County United Way and the Grainger County United Way. These resources provide approximately ($49,500) each year in direct support, less than the annual cost for a single children’s home for eight (8) children. However Kingswood receives no annual budgeted support from any regional or national funds or budgets.

Kingswood School raises operating capital by annual mail solicitation during Easter, Summer, and Christmas giving seasons. In years gone by, Kingswood students engaged in door-to-door solicitations during the Summer and Christmas season. This fund raising avenue was discounted during the 1970′s due to changing times and to avoid placing students at risk.

Kingwood operates at a current budget deficit. This may be best understood by a review of the public available annual budget that is approved by the Board of Directors or by securing a copy of the annual audit prepared by McFarland & Gann, Certified Public Accountants, Jefferson City, Tennessee.

The simple explanation for the annual budget deficit in operations is the fact that a traditional private charity like Kingswood is faced with ever rising costs and a modern trend toward consolidation of fund raising by large, well-funded charitable umbrellas that have benefit of fund raising campaigns with known celebrities as advocates and fund raisers. A traditional charity such as Kingswood School may be overshadowed and lost in the cascade that is the modern and fund raising world.

In the current fiscal year, Kingswood School will provide a child with a safe and proper home in a cottage with five (5) to eight (8) other children and house parents. The child will receive educational opportunity in accredited school programs. The health needs of the child will be provided for with both medical and professional counseling and psychological involvement if appropriate. The child will have benefit of participation in a mainstream interdenominational church through the Kingswood Campus Minister at the A.E. Wachtel Chapel on the Kingswood campus.

No child placed in the care of Kingswood will ever be made to feel compelled to adopt the doctrine of a particular denomination or church. Within this context, each child will develope his or her own chosen church or denominational affiliation for worship.

Importantly, Kingswood will take care of a child in need and serve that child in all of the ways that a child deserves to be cared for in the home, the community, the educational environment and in his or her spiritual and religious life.

At the present time Kingswood resolves the annual budget shortfall by generous estate gifts bequeathed by men and women who have believed their contributions to be well placed with the children at Kingswood. These estate gifts are usually received unexpectedly and there exists no assurance from year to year that budget shortfalls will be met by estate giving. It is critical that our budget be stabilized through a program of annual support that will allow future estate gifts to be used to grow Kingswood programs for the benefit of the children who come into our care.

Kingswood School survives today with a commitment to basic mainstream American values. It is for you to determine if a place such as Kingswood is worthy of your attention by further investigation, inquiry, or involvement.